LikeStore is a genuine accessory shop, which has stores in old textures of İstanbul such as Karaköy and Balat. We designed the first shopping mall branch of this concept store in Istanbul Emaar Shopping Mall. The aim of the project was to blend the texture and concept in the existing branches with current details and create an original concept.

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This little store carries the old textures of a classy İstanbul neighborhood with itself. In a shopping mall, it reflects the atmosphere of street branches of this boutique concept store which includes textures, materials and daily routines. It turns into a very hovel-like design concept around clear shopping mall textures and materials.

Firstly, the plan of the store was very simple and clear. There is a hidden case plus some connections with the shopping mall (alarm and internet) in the middle of the store and all the other stuff designed around this core to become just a part of the shopping mall floor plan and let people walk through the store. Also, this welcoming attitude is supported by designing no facade.

A chair and a plant are located just at the edge of the store and shopping mall floor for inviting people a little break from their shopping and to hear some peaceful music. Also, this is another connection between this shopping mall branch and other branches, because the old street-level stores of the brand, provide its customers a place to read, listening music, and take some time off. Additionally, a niche is designed to make coffee for customers as a treat.

All the furnitures on the wall side is designed modularly to let its users carry them to another place and use them in another function. The separation walls are gypsum boards that are covered with old plaster texture and became a base for timber furnitures. These timber furnitures include hidden led details and the challenge was making these details completely fine. Also, this furnitures are not just designed as exhibition modules, they are used for hiding some kind of technical equipment.

Another additional layer was the mesh panels on the walls which are designed to suspend products and make the customers aware of the old plaster texture.

All the technical equipment on the ceiling is exposed as a design matter. Electric cables, lighting materials, air conditioning stuff are covered black and they become a part of this concept store design with all their simplicity.








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