kos kindergarten

In the kindergarten project located in Konya Organized Industrial zone and near the highway, building typology with a courtyard is taken as a reference in order to ensure that children receive a more sheltered, introverted education. With this typology, in which education is connected not only in the closed classroom area, but also in the open areas, it is aimed to connect the city's memory of the Seljuk Period Architecture. Spreading up to the construction boundary of the site, the single-storey building was divided into four separate blocks, namely the administrative block, the class blocks and the social block, in line with the kindergarten program. These blocks are interconnected by the circulation areas connecting the entrance and the courtyard. Circulation areas are also turning into playgrounds, which are continuation of education in classrooms. In the summer, the courtyard glass dividers open completely and this place become integrated with the playground. The blocks are designed as reinforced concrete load-bearing system, the connecting circulation areas and the roof, are designed as steel carrier system which are supported by reinforced concrete.

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The building entrance is given from the south. Administrative units are located close to the welcoming part. In this way, clean foot / dirty foot separation is made and the connection of the guests with the educational units is limited. The blocks are raised towards the road and through the north which is dominant wind direction, on the other hand the roofs were inclined to displace the wind. In order to disconnect the harsh winds coming from the north and the school's connection with the ring road, a wind-cutting, evergreen landscape has been proposed in this direction of the parcel.



Gymnasium, dining hall and multi-purpose classroom units are solved in the block which looks through the road. All technical areas of the building have been solved and ladder connection has been made. This connection also provides a service entrance to the dining hall kitchen. The gym, which is intended to be used as a multi-purpose hall where the guests can be held, is located near the entrance. In the multi-purpose classroom, which is cascaded in itself for the implementation of music and theater lessons, movable panels are placed on the boundary of the playground. In this way, it can be integrated with the playground if necessary.



Class blocks are located in south and east directions, which are more climatic. Open space solutions associated with classrooms are located in these directions, which are also linked to existing parking spaces. In these open spaces, urban furnitures are designed which encourage children for creative games, also application areas are proposed where they can practice agriculture. Classes are designed as 3 meters inside from the facade, and it creates semi-closed playground corridors between application areas and classes. These corridors also became a buffer zone against harsh climatic conditions. Class units are designed as a monolithic volume suitable for the conversion of the sleeping area / playground / training area, also all the required parts of itself like WC, storage, cloakroom are planned inside the classes. The inclined triangular surfaces given by the roof slope were evaluated as skylights to better benefit from daylight.


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