This project’s aim was to turn a detached residence which is located in Gümbet, Bodrum with a view of the mediterranean; into an office building. With the additions that were made; the sense of housing is erased to make a practical, efficient office space and to create a monolith form ,without losing the qualities.

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The existing stairs that are adjacent to the building's facade and connected to the terrace were removed and the stairs that establish the lower garden-upper garden-terrace connection were rearranged on the side of the building. In this way, wider and interconnected open spaces were obtained. In the interior, dark corridors and rooms which suitable for residential use have been reorganized by breaking down the intermediate walls. In order to ensure integrity between the meeting room and offices located on the ground floor, successive linear lighting is arranged. The metal hanging systems used to detect the maximum height of 270 cm and to hide the ventilation and electrical infrastructure elements.


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