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Moda, one of Istanbul's historic neighborhoods, is renowned for its spacious and luxurious apartments within buildings. As a result of earthquake-focused urban renewal, these large apartments in the same building structure are being transformed into small studio apartments. Consequently, the housing needs in the neighborhood, which now has a more cosmopolitan profile than before, are changing. This shift has necessitated the development of efficient architectural solutions for small spaces.

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In an apartment that could essentially be a studio, a separate bedroom has been defined based on demand. Placing the bedroom in the center of the apartment allows for a clear separation between the entrance hall, living area, and kitchen spaces. To address the issue of darkness in the bedroom, ribbed glass has been chosen for the window opening onto the living room wall. The curved design of the bedroom's corner walls helps ease circulation in the space. Throughout the entire apartment, warm oak tones and green have been selected for the wardrobe/kitchen and dining table module that covers one wall, creating a warm color palette. The choice of a mirror on this wall enhances the depth of the apartment and increases the visual interaction between spaces.


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