This is a renovation project for the first office of a newly established and rapidly growing Istanbul-based gaming company located in Levent, Istanbul. Unlike standard office setups, the layout plan for the office caters to an interactive and social working environment for the gaming team, with almost no clear distinction between workspaces, relaxation areas, and meeting spaces.

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On the ground floor, the proposed open office features desks and seating areas connected to them, positioned around the staircase leading to the relaxation/interaction area on the lower level. Wooden panels, which also accommodate the electrical infrastructure, cover the walls and are coated with 'whiteboard' paint on almost all of them. This allows for impromptu meetings and collaborative work.


The same design principles are maintained on the other three floors to create comfortable, functional, and flexible spaces. This enables the areas to be used for relaxation, work, or meeting rooms as needed. On the basement floor, which is designed for comfortable seating, dining tables are placed in connection with an open kitchen. Masses such as columns and staircases that divide the spacious area provide the opportunity to create a gaming area and a presentation area.


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