Client: Şahin Ailesi

Location: Tuzla / Istanbul, Turkey

Year: 2018

Facility: Residence

Size: 300 m2

Status: Built

Scope: Interior Architecture

A602 House is a residential renovation project that is structured in line with new needs and demands of the existing housing structure in Tuzla district of Istanbul. 

The project, which is located in a complex of detached residential buildings made of light steel construction, has been studied on the operation scheme and interior design of the building while preserving the existing structure. Since the neighborhoods in the housing did not respond to the needs, the entire planning of the building was reconsidered. In order to functionalize the unusable large area of the existing hall on the ground floor, a separate seating area was created by taking advantage of the ceiling height of the gallery, as well as raising the projected floor with the platform and separating it with the fireplace. The location of the old kitchen area has been changed. A dining area is placed in the glass mass attachment that connects the kitchen and seating areas. In this way, the kitchen, dining area, living area with fireplace, terrace and garden have been linked with each other and turned into a functional living space.