Client: Üçler Ailesi

Location: Bodrum, Turkey

Year: 2015

Facility: Residence

Size: 60 m2

Status: Concept

Scope: Architecture, Interior Architecture

A separate mass to accommodate guests coming to the existing housing mass The additional mass is separated from the main mass by a ladder located to connect the upper and lower gardens. The existing retaining wall has been postponed by approximately 4 m in order to get more light to the space and to obtain a special open space for the annex. In this way, deep spaces and a wider lower garden were obtained. The building has been removed from the ground to be protected from moisture by coming from the soil which may damage the structure.

This movement, also provides passive air conditioning to the building. It is aimed to keep the place at ideal temperatures in every season. Steel structure was preferred due to its ease of production and speed. Thanks to this system, which is lighter than the reinforced concrete, larger spaces were obtained.