Client: ZB Ailesi

Location: Keşan/Edirne, Turkey

Year: 2020

Facility: Residence

Size: 500  m2

Status: Built

Scope: Architecture, Interior Architecture

ZB House is located in Kesan/Edirne. The project area in a village which named Gokcetepe. It is closed to sea and a camping area.

The project area has a slight slope.Firstly whole mass placed in proportion to the slope. The direction was on the NW-SE axe where as the gorgeous view is framed in the south. Therefore the rectangular mass was rotated along to N-S axe. In this way whole spaces can provide benefits from natural light and see the greenish/bluish view. In addition to this a solid wall blokes the strong wind which comes from the north.

ZB House has two storeys. It has a large veranda which was formed by removing a part of the block. The veranda is parallel to the view which means whole points of it can see the sea view.

On the first floor two bedroom, a master bedroom, a livingroom and a kitchen open to the half-shaded veranda. Bedrooms are private in each others. The livingroom, the kitchen, the veranda provide flexible usage and they have a strong connection between each other. These areas describe living spaces which means can use for relaxing, dining, getting together with family and friends. Besides these they are so closed to the nature. Living in green, smelling of the flowers, touching to the earth is a part of the life in there.

Second floor can be seen from the living spaces. There are a bedroom, a rest-room, a terrace and a room for the watcher. Rest-room can be seen from livingroom. It lets the natural light come inside with its roof window. The sea view is abled to see from the roof window. A person who sits on the sofa can see the view because of the window’s height.

Also in the bedroom there are two roof windows . The space can use natural light efficiently. At the same time when a person lie down on the bed, the person can see the view because of the proper height of the windows. There is a hallway which can be reaches from rooms. The hallway opens to the terrace. From the terrace, the garden and the whole view can be seen clearly.